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Utilize Project Risk Analysis to adeptly navigate risks, seize aligned opportunities, integrate strategic objectives, and master risk with our expert guidance and customized, cost-effective tools.

Why entrust your project’s fate to chance?

Projects of all types face uncertainties that lead to cost and schedule risks. Too often, projects overrun their established plan, leaving stakeholders to address unforeseen costs and schedule delays.

My efforts help to elevate clients’ understanding and confidence in achieving cost and schedule certainty.

My primary strategy is to foster cross-functional discussion of risks and opportunities that may impact your project’s value and profitability.
Ensuring your project’s cost and timeline predictability is my sole objective.

By establishing good-quality risk data and examining risk drivers, risk analysis can produce the results needed to assess whether a project will overrun its budget. When an analysis generates unacceptable impacts, risk mitigation creates a better project plan.

I invite you to let me help you address the dynamics of risk and uncertainty within your organization. After all, shouldn’t you have complete confidence over your project’s budget and schedule outcomes?


Project Risk Analysis

Project Risk Analysis is a process to identify risks that could adversely impact the achievement of strategic objectives – and reduce those risks to tolerable levels through coordinated action.

My expertise helps facilitate and streamline the effort to identify and improve control over roadblocks and real-world dynamic forces. I am valued for being a process guide.

My efforts focus on:

  • Understanding your organizational strategy and risk culture
  • Establishing approaches to handle risk and uncertainty
  • Risk identification including distinguishing opportunities within your program
  • Risk evaluation and prioritization
  • Designating Risk attributes, including acceptance, avoidance, reduction, transfer, and mitigation
  • Overall reporting and communications

Project Risk Analysis can help protect and enhance the value of your organization’s program. The concepts are not new.  Project Risk Analysis is a natural progression of the risk management discipline that involves enhancing cross-functional communication, considering relationships between risks, and ensuring that significant risks receive appropriate attention within the organization.

The one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Organizations have their unique capabilities, goals, and focus areas. I help organizations find a process that works for them. My experience offers practical risk management assistance.

My efforts ensure that knowledge gained in any Project Risk Analysis transfers to you the client. I bring the expertise with simple and affordable Project Risk Analysis software tools that help streamline communication, risk register development, and tracking of handling strategies.

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