831-428-2283 | ralph@santaritarisksolutions.com

831-428-2283 | ralph@santaritarisksolutions.com

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About Ralph Estrada of Santa Rita Risk Solutions

With over 30 years of successful history utilizing project controls processes, I am an experienced risk management professional dedicated to optimizing the performance of industrial and commercial construction projects. My project assignments have led me to partner with clients across diverse sectors – from infrastructure and mining to petrochemical refining and government. This diversity has afforded me an
understanding of how risk and uncertainty can impact a project plan. Identifying a straightforward cost and time forecast with practical risk handling strategies is my objective.

My expertise combines integrated cost and schedule risk analysis with rational impact estimates to produce margin reserve and schedule contingency forecasts. My goal is to offer dependable risk management solutions and to support confidence and success in project delivery.

Why use Santa Rita Risk Solutions?

Projects commonly overrun and stakeholders usually do not recognize their exposure to cost and schedule overruns without examining the risks.

My work helps clients to boost their understanding of how to improve their ability to set up and better manage cost and schedule control.

I focus on building cross functional conversation about risk and its potential to negatively affect project value and profit.

Improving cost and schedule certainty for you and your project is my goal. I can help save you time in producing and scrutinizing risk models that will ultimately deliver confidence in your risk handling strategies.

I invite you to discuss your project needs and concerns with me.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve improved confidence in their project’s cost and schedule certainty?

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